What to Expect on the Day

I will provide you with beautiful photos which will form some of the most tangible lasting memories of your special day. My approach is a mixture of photojournalistic and posed pictures, as I think most people want to see the story of their day as it happened, and at the same time want to see pictures of themselves looking as stunning as possible. The combination of these approaches will reward you with treasured images for today and for years and even generations to come.

I am relaxed and unobtrusive, but professional, confident and assertive when it comes to getting the best photos for you. A good photographer will add to the enjoyment of your day by knowing when to step in and take action, and knowing when to step back and let you appreciate each other, your guests and the ambiance of the event.


Your wedding day should be a glorious climax to months or even years of planning, but when it’s all been said and done you’ll only have only a few precious things to hold on to forever: each other, of course, the rings, a marriage certificate and your memories. Beautiful photographs will keep your memories alive and vivid for the rest of your life and can be shared with friends and family, and perhaps your future children and grandchildren. From personal experience, as well as hearing it from friends and clients, digital images on their own won’t fulfil this function and, absent real effort on your part, will quickly disappear into the great abyss of your computer hard drive and Facebook timeline, seldom if ever to be seen again. Accordingly, all of my wedding packages come with a wedding album for you to treasure for the rest of your life and to pass on to generations to come.


All inclusive wedding packages start at £1,195. Please contact me to schedule a meeting or Skype call.

Sample wedding photos