An engagement photo shoot is not a shoot of you actually getting engaged (although I can certainly do that if you give me advance notice!), rather it is a relaxed photo shoot undertaken some time prior to your wedding day. Engagement shoots are hugely beneficial to you in several ways. Principally, they provide you and your partner with some beautiful photos to remind you of this special time in your relationship without the stress and pressure that sometimes occurs on your wedding day. Additional benefits include building rapport between you and me, getting comfortable in front of the camera (this can really help those bashful grooms) and generally having a great time as a couple, concentrating only on each other for an a hour or two.

Engagement shoot photos are great to have in their own right, but they are also great to use in invitation cards, on your wedding website if you have one (hint, I can make you one), guest signing books or signing photos, and/or to display at your reception.

It terms of time and location, it can add an extra dimension to have your engagement photos in a different setting than your wedding day. For example, if your wedding is in the country in late summer, it can be a great contrast to take your engagement photos in an urban environment in autumn, or at the seaside in spring.

Sample engagement photos