Millions of people around the world derive great enjoyment from their own photos every day, but nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment you feel when your photos genuinely touch the people in them, either because of the importance and emotion of the moment or because they have never seen themselves look genuinely beautiful in photographs before.  Photographing weddings is potentially the single greatest day in any person’s life when both of these factors coincide which, I think, is why wedding photography is so attractive to me and to many other professional photographers.

My approach is relaxed as I aim to enhance your day, not stress you out with many demands and pressure to perform complicated poses. I believe that a good wedding photographer should be unobtrusive, yet commanding enough to ensure that all your precious moments are captured.

My photographic style is clean, colourful and vibrant. I generally shoot in a photo-journalistic style, as a wedding is your special day, not my photo shoot. However, if it’s appropriate at the time, I will ask you to move to the best light and/or pose in the most flattering way so that you look as gorgeous as possible in your photos. Of course, the family formals and couple portraits are all posed. I’m always looking out for moments of humour and genuine emotion, and little details that you might miss on the day. The goal is to give you the traditional shots you really want as well as some artful and truly unique shots to create tangible memories of your special day.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, I am available to photographic weddings anywhere in the UK, Europe (or even Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia or elsewhere in the world if you want to pay for my airfare).

Originally hailing from New Zealand, my family and I moved to the UK three years ago to experience life in the “mother country”, on the doorstep of Europe.  Whilst New Zealand is fantastic country which we miss very much (especially the weather), we have nothing to compare to the rich history and architecture of the UK which makes for some truly beautiful wedding locations and photographs.  Rest assured, I’ve gotten used to standing the right way up and I generally speak understandable English! However, I am not able to meet any requests to perform a haka at your wedding 😉

I look forward to hearing from you soon and wish you all the best for your wedding even if I don’t.

Photo of me!

A few photos from my life, past and present.